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Our first project with CINESCOPE FILMS is the upcoming comedy "STFU!"


The film is currently in post production and will be released early 2018

Richard is also part of the writing team on an exciting new six part TV series.

2017 saw the start of many collaborations between Big Rich Productions and Teddy Smith at No.37 Media.

Teddy worked as DoP on the comedy "STFU!", the Hammer Horror inspired "Bitten" and on the World War 1 Documentary "The King's Own"

Since October 2017, Big Rich Productions founder Richard Williams has been working with the incredibly talented WATCHERS PRODUCTIONS as a contributing writer, director and DoP on their current project "SKETCHY A.F", a new web series of comedy sketches.

The Christmas special will be released in December 2017


If you would like to work with us on future projects please get in touch!


We can help with script development and writing, film production, filming, sound and lighting. Whatever your needs we have the contacts to make it happen!

RELEASED 22nd December 2017 - Our collaboration with Watchers Productions is now available on Youtube, SKETCHY AF: Christmas Special is a selection of comedy sketches that have been filmed and edited over the last few months. In 2018 we'll be working with Watchers Productions again on a regular series of comedy this space for more news!

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