Changes Are Coming!


Unfortunately, due to me spending almost four months in hospital I failed to submit an annual form to Companies House,

as a result Big Rich Productions Ltd was dissolved as a company in March 2022.


However, I am not going anywhere and plan on coming back bigger and better than ever!


I'm on the road to recovery and will be launching a new company in the near future, this new company will have the same core values as I have myself, and they are that family, kin, and health come before all else.


Screenwriting, Filmmaking, and Photography will continue to be a core part of the business as we launch under a new name.


Thank you to everyone who has supported Big Rich Productions since it's inception in 2016.

I hope you will continue to support us when we relaunch later this year.


"I haven't come this far to only come this far" - unknown



Due to the above news I will not be taking on any paid work for the time being. I need to focus on getting back to 100% health.


That being said, I continue to write scripts based on my own original concepts, and I am in development on a feature film I've written.

As those in the industry will know, these are unpaid endeavours that we all endure to finally get projects made that will actually pay us!


any enquiries can still be sent to

All Photographs Taken by RICHARD WILLIAMS

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